Help a Newcomer


Help a newcomer find recovery. Read below for more details on how you can help.


If you would like to make a 7th tradition donation towards sponsoring a day visitor to our convention, we greatly appreciate your generosity and support. Your donation will cover the cost of registration, allowing an individual who might not otherwise have the opportunity to attend to experience a possible life changing day.

The donation is in R50 increments. To make a donation, please use the arrows to select the amount you’d like to contribute. A day pass on Saturday costs R250, but no amount is too small. We will ensure that your donation goes directly towards supporting a day visitor’s attendance at your convention.

If you have any problems with your donation, please contact

Thank you for considering this opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life and to support our convention’s mission of inclusivity and accessibility. Your donation will have a positive impact on both the individual who attends and our fellowship as a whole.

ILS The Convention Committee

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R50, R100, R150, R200, R250, R300, R350, R400, R450, R500

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